Nintendo’s new console is the Nintendo Switch. Available March 2017

Nintendo has just announced their next home console called the Nintendo Switch.

As rumours suggested the system is a home console that can be played at home on the TV, outside, or anywhere using controllers that detach from the side of the unit. The games played on the console are the same whether they are played at home or away. The detachable controllers allow you to chosose how you would like to play games on the console, by yourself or with friends.

Wow. Well I’m the first to admit I’m not Nintendo’s biggest fan but I really, really, really hope the Switch lives up to the video they’ve just put out.

It’s since been revealed the Switch is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra CPU. A robust platform to start, the same line as that behind Nvidia’s ill-fated Shield – which interestingly bares a lot of similarities (and differences) to the Switch.

The most exciting part of the announcement isn’t so much the console itself but the fact we’re seeing third party publishers return to the platform. EA and Bethesda are both highlighted and whilst Skyrim is no CPU burner by modern standards it is an exciting thing to see on an Nintendo console. My hope is that the support continues beyond the launch, without it the Switch turns into yet another Nintendo doorstop.

No information on price or battery life. I’m gathering the battery life will be around 3 or 4 hours of full playtime and not meant to be a DS replacement. That line makes too much money as it is. I’d love to be wrong though!

Price wise I’d expect it to be sub A$500, perhaps even sub $400 given Nintendo’s previous price points. To be honest I’d prefer it be higher, just to give an indication there’s some actual grunt in there and an OLED screen perhaps.

There are a lot of questions at this point. The Verge has a great round up of those and their thoughts. The reality is though, we’re just all going to have to wait for Nintendo to tell us more.

Source: The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s new home console, out March 2017 – Switch News from Vooks

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