Nichboy & co to revive ‘Good Game Pocket’ in new Twitch show

It’s been nearly four years since the powers that be at the ABC decided to pull the pin on one of its most popular and successful forays into online production, Good Game Pocket.

The daily show, hosted by Nich “Nichboy” Richardson and produced by Peter “Pierreth” Burns, began as a spin off of its popular weekly TV big brother “Good Game” created by the ABC, before quickly becoming a cult favourite amongst gaming audiences both in Australia and abroad.

It appears now though, “Pocket” or at least an incarnation of the beloved show may be making a return. A series of mystery tweets with a cartoon pocket-like character from both Richardson & Burns as well as former Good Game alum Gus “Goose” Ronald emerged last week.

The trio formed production studio Low Kii in 2019 and have been producing content for Twitch, Riot Games, PlayStation and others ever since.

In follow up tweets from the trio as well as Australian gaming identity (and former Good Game & screenPLAY host) Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen, it’s been revealed there is indeed a something debuting from the team once more.

I crave attention and validation. Interpret that however you want.

Called “Back Pocket” we know very little about the show with a reveal scheduled for this upcoming July 23rd at 9pm (AEST) on Twitch.

The Twitch channel has little to no information with its ‘About’ section saying only “This is 100% not pocket. Stop asking questions.”

We can surmise it’s likely to be some style of “show” and not a straight gaming stream as the Twitch schedule categorises it as a “Just Chatting” stream.

When asked for comment Richardson would only say, “I crave attention and validation. Interpret that however you want.