New Microsoft Surface 2 Accessories

Surface Covers

Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet:

Microsoft took the wraps off its second-generation Surface tablets on September 23, and, as expected, the devices themselves offered incremental advances.

For many, the supporting peripherals were the show stealers.

So there’s a new Type Cover (the one with actual keys), which boasts improved key presses, ‘silent typing’, a backlight and a new range of colours. There’s also now a Power Cover, which is a Type Cover with a 30-watt hour battery built in.

They’ve also introduced the Touch Cover 2 (the one without keys), making it more rigid, adding a backlight, and also beefing up the sensors built into the cover (1092 touch sensors, up from 80 on the original).

They also showed off a modified touch cover called the Surface Music Cover. It’s a DJ-style cover with sliders, sampler buttons & media controls.

Finally, there’s also a wireless keyboard adapter for the covers & a docking station. There no Australian pricing as of yet.