New Apple iPhone 11 battery case has a hidden secret

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The new (and still hideous) Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case comes with a couple of hidden surprises.

First there’s the inclusion of wireless charging in the case, meaning you don’t have worry about your fancy bedside table charger not working because of a thick case and battery pack.

But more importantly (and excitingly) there’s a new button on the case that activates the phone’s camera. A quick press of the button takes a photo and a longer press captures QuickTake video.

The camera can be activated via the new soft-button regardless of being locked or unlocked.

The A$200 certainly ain’t cheap, but does offer some added niceties like having its charge viewable directly in iOS. It also happens to be one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen Apple create. So there’s that.

Source: iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging – Black – Apple