NBN’s HFC gets its promised upgrade as sales finally resume

DOCSIS 3.1 technology will double the downstream capacity across the hybrid fibre-coaxial network, with NBN saying it is focused on improved experience rather than faster speeds.

Lab trials of the new DOCSIS tech saw the NBN hit 1Gbps down last year but don’t expect to be getting that in-home anytime soon.

The NBN’s plans for DOCSIS 3.1, which stands for something long and boring (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), is instead being implemented to ramp up the speed of the NBN’s delivery. The tech brings the ability to increase the network’s capacity without the frequent need for optical node splits previously required with the hopes of a faster delivery.

The NBN now believe up to 100,000 homes a month will be brought online for sale each month, the first indication its sale freeze is now over for HFC.

Source: NBN finally launches DOCSIS 3.1 across HFC network | ZDNet

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