NBN Co to offer after-hours installations to ISPs from March – for a fee


NBN Co is set to introduce an after-hours installation option for customers whose premises are in the FTTx footprint, but will levy a $150 fee for the new service.

The $150 fee also applies if an after-hours appointment is cancelled, late, or missed by the end user, according to the revised WBA. Cancellations must be made “at least 24 hours” prior to the NBN installer arriving to avoid the fee.

The fee is technically levied on the ISP that places the order for the service, meaning it would be up to them whether they passed the cost onto their customers in full or part.

These new details are all coming out courtesy of NBN’s new Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA). Essentially the option is offered to ISPs but it’s up to them if they start using it and then if they’ll charge the end-user for the privilege.

$150 is a hefty fee for an appointment when you’re likely already paying some sort of setup or locking yourself into a multi-year contract to avoid one.

Source: NBN Co sets fee for after-hours installation – Telco/ISP – iTnews