NBN Co to introduce new tiered pricing for retail service providers June 1

NBN Co will move its contentious broadband pricing structure for retail service providers [RSP] to an individualised model, following complaints about its previous industry-wide approach.

It today said the new tailored approach will come into effect on June 1. It applies to all NBN technologies except satellite.

The network builder said the tiered pricing model meant [connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge] in some cases now went down to as low as $8 per Mbps.

What does it mean? Theoretically, more affordable plans at higher speeds for the end user. It’s a shame the Libs fucked up the higher speed offering for a lot of folk now stuck on a 25mbps FTTN connection.

End result, hope you’re on FTTP/FTTB to take advantage of the soon to be lower CVC costs which is charged per Mbps per month.

Source: NBN Co bends to RSP calls for revamped fees

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