Motorola announce new Razr smartphone with foldable display

…it’s bigger, has a foldable display and runs Android.

The Razr is back! Hands up who had one of these bad boys 12 years ago? Hell I even had a Motorola StarTac about a decade before that! If there was one thing Motorola used to do well it was a flip phone and they’re definitely proving they still can with this phoenix like return.

The new Motorola Razr is decked out with a Snapdragon 710, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, eSIM, USB-C, and 16MP f/1.7 camera and 5MP selfie lens but its big selling point is a brand new 6.2″ foldable pOLED display that spans the entire internal surface of the phone.

Another upside is the inclusion of Android, Motorola forgoing what could be a terrible move in using their own OS.

The new Razr is scheduled for release in late December in the US with global releases happening in January. Selling for US$1,499 the likelihood is to see that gain some good old Aussie bloat and reach ~A$2,300.

Source: Holy Crap The New Razr Phone Is Foldable | Gizmodo Australia