Motorola 360 Launches, Moto G and X Updated

Screenshot 2014-09-05 13.23.27

The Android Wear device that everyone is waiting for, the Moto 360, has now launched in Chicago. Unfortunately, there is no Australian pricing or release date.

Along with the 360, The Moto G and Moto X lines were updated, only the Moto G has an Australian release date and price:

The new Moto G will be available through retail stores across Australia and New Zealand in September 2014, at MSRP A$269/NZ$299 for the 8GB variant. The new Moto X and Moto 360 will be available for purchase later this year, with pricing and timing to be announced.

So the Moto G is still a damn fine deal at $269 Australian. The new Moto G is water resistant and a has a 5″ screen.

The Moto X now sports a 5.2” AMOLED, 1080p display – and you can still get those groovy leather and woodpanel back plate things.