More NBN Trials – 90 Megabits! Wow! Such Speed!

Josh Taylor at ZDNet:

Telstra’s group executive of regulatory affairs, Tony Warren, has said Telstra’s trial for fibre to the building across eight apartment blocks in Melbourne with NBN Co has delivered peak download speeds of 90Mbps and upload speeds of 30Mbps.

This is great, but:

1. When do we get it? 2016? 2017? Maybe 2018 until it’s commonplace? Maybe instead of stuffing about with trials NBNCo could be rolling out more fibre.

2. How much will it cost? Same as 100mbit fibre which will actually be 100mbit, not “up to” 90mbit with copper?

3. 90mbit is the *peak*? Better than nothing, but how’s that gonna hold up in say, 5 years time?

There’s been a lot of NBN noise lately, but I haven’t really wanted to post about it as it seems like it’s all vapourware until there are ISPs selling services in areas that were not already in the ye olde NBN (RIP drop a 40 on the curb).

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