Monash Uni warns Google’s acquisition of Fitbit is a privacy nightmare

A research study from Monash Business School has been laid out before the European Commission and ACCC in an attempt to raise alarm over Google’s US$2.1b acquisition of Fitbit.

Led by Professor Chongwoo Choe, Director of the Centre for Global Business, the paper details severe concerns over allowing Google details insights into users personal health data.

Despite Google’s commitment to not use the data as a part of their advertising it doesn’t rule out the possibility of being used in other markets such as health care.

Sensitive health data held by Fitbit can be added to users’ personal profile Google aggregates from its other services, such as emails, maps and online searches.

Whilst on one hand the marriage of data could offer more personalised and acute treatments, the other is a far more grim picture. The fear lying in enhanced targeting allowing providers to discriminate or exploit consumers.

The full submission the EU Commission is available to read in detail here.


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