Microsoft to unveil new Xbox Ones & Xbox TV at upcoming E3

Image credit: The Verge
Image credit: The Verge

Microsoft is preparing at least two new Xbox models for release in the next two years, sources tell Kotaku. Later this year we’ll see a cheaper, smaller Xbox One, and next year Microsoft will release a more powerful version of their premiere console.

A lot of interesting chatter emerging now with E3 just around the corner in June. The big part of the corroborated article between Polygon & Kotaku around the version to come in 2017, which will be powerful enough to handle an Oculus Rift. A move that would further solidify the relationship between the two companies.

XboxTV, also rumoured to be announced, is Microsoft’s version of the extremely popular Chromecast. Coming to the game late, the device has been kicking around for nearly three years apparently with MS now thinking it’s the right time to release to the masses.

Source: Sources: Smaller Xbox One Coming This Year, More Powerful Xbox One In 2017 [UPDATE]

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