Microsoft launches exciting, new Surface Pro

Announced at an event in Shanghai, the device has been overhauled to feature a 13.5-hour battery life, 7th generation Intel processors and a whole host of behind-the-scenes improvements.

$1199 will get you a model with one of Intel’s mobility-focused m3 chipsets, a 128GB drive and a meagre 4GB of RAM, while the models with the more powerful i5 processors will start at $1499. Power users that want one of the i7-powered beasts with Iris Plus graphics and 16GB RAM will need to part with at least $3299.

Probably the worst kept secret in Microsoft’s history but the new Surface Pro is now finally official.

The new Surface Pro ranges in price from A$1199 for a shitty m3 based version, $1499 the sweet-point for an i5 and the exorbitant $3299 for an i7 with Iris Plus graphics and 16GB of RAM.

Interesting Microsoft also announced that later in the year there would be new version that included 4G LTE. Unsure why they’re not available from the get-go but it will be a welcome feature that for me personally, has me holding off pulling the trigger on a purchase.

No doubt about it though Apple take heed, you are being left the fuck behind. This is what the iPad Pro should have been all along!

Source: Surface Pro returns as Microsoft unveils a third option in its laptop lineup

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