Melbourne based DGtek starts offering gigabit fibre to SE suburbs

DGtek coverage

Following the lead of Google in the US, Melbourne telco DGtek is launching a 1 Gbps suburban GPON fibre service this month to serve homes and businesses hungry for bandwidth.

The service will begin connecting customers at the end of August, starting in the beachside suburb of Elwood and extending across Melbourne’s densely-populated inner south-eastern suburbs. DGtek is also evaluating plans to extend to Adelaide and Sydney, along with regional Victoria starting with Geelong.

Sure it’s only a small pocket of Melbourne’s rich south-eastern suburbs but it’s a start! They’ve managed to do more in the past few months than the NBN has in the past year.

Smartly (and extremely cost effectively) they’re stringing up their network on existing powerlines instead of ripping up sidewalks and going to your basement.

Plus they’re offering gigabit speeds instead of NBN’s measly capped 100Mbps (FTTP) or paltry 25Mbps FTTN. Poor NBN, Malcolm & co really never wanted you to succeed.

Source: Ten times faster than NBN: DGtek brings gigabit fibre to Aussie suburbs

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