Medium announces new “Series” feature

Katie Zhu at Medium:

Today, we’re introducing a new type of story to Medium for readers who just can’t wait for that next post: Series. Series are mobile stories that can be added to over time and unfold card by card with the tap of your finger. This is our first step toward building a new way to read on Medium that’s both seamless and serialized.

As a reader following along, you can opt to get a push notification every time the creator adds a new installment. And if you have to stop reading in the middle, Series always saves your place so you can jump back in wherever you left off.

Think Snapchat or Instagram Stories for the written word. It looks to be an interesting addition that I’m sure many will enjoy.

Medium continues to grow as a popular publishing platform for writers of every ilk. It’s also being used as a ‘zine platform or blog replacement by many companies due to it’s audience reach and SEO benefits. With that said, it is still considered an experiment by a rich man that has no business model behind it and continually cutting staff, ultimately leaving me wary to heavily invest in personally.

Source: Welcome to Series, a new type of story on Medium