Medium announces new membership services

It’s time for thoughtfulness to prevail. That means transforming not just the experience around reading and writing, but also the economic model that determines which stories are told, clicked on, and compensated.

Very Apple-esque circa “We are the crazy ones” era. I like it!

Medium’s CEO Ev Williams continues to hold true to his commitment to keep the platform ad free and open to all. The new membership instead serving as a way to fund the platform and its content creators.

“We need a system that funds stories and ideas not just based on their ability to attract attention, but on their value to readers”

No solid work on how its decided who and how much content creators will be paid, it seems Medium are still working that out and looking for help from those signing up early to provide input to the process.

Membership will set you back US$5/month and in addition to supporting great writing in an open platform also provides:

  • Access to timed exclusive pieces from top writers
  • Early access into a new Medium experience
  • An offline mode to read Medium stories when not connected

Source: Upgrade and become a member of Medium

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