macOS Sierra is out today

macOS brings Siri to Mac. Along with new ways to enjoy your photos, shop more securely online, and work more seamlessly between devices.

Marking the official de-capitalisation of the letter “m” in macOS we enter a new age of aligned OS eco-systems under the Apple banner.

Other than the naming shift the new version includes such features as:

  • Siri for the desktop (yay?)
  • Apple Watch login (cool!)
  • Copy & Paste from Desktop to your nearby iOS device (surprisingly useful albeit a little slow at times)
  • Desktop & Documents folders available across all devices (providing you have space in your iCloud Drive)
  • A new (just as confusing & bloated) iTunes
  • Rich messaging (just like iOS 10)
  • Safari 10 (including Apple Pay for the web)
  • Other stuff that no one cares about under the hood.

I haven’t really got anything to report other than the upgrade works, Siri does things just as useful/useless as Siri does and the Apple Watch login is great.

Pundits will no doubt debate the release’s greatness whilst the general populous will scream that nothing has really changed.

Source: macOS – Apple

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