macOS Mojave is here

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…macOS Mojave brings new features inspired by its most powerful users but designed for everyone. Stay better focused on your work in Dark Mode. Automatically organize files using Stacks. Take more kinds of screenshots with less effort.

Join the Dark Side with Apple’s latest update to their desktop OS. Yes, making your menubar and Finder windows black is quite literally one of this release’s biggest features.

Beyond selecting the black on the Paint Bucket tool (I know it’s not that easy, trust me), Mojave brings Desktop Stacks, which, for those of you hideous people that have icons littering your desktop, means you can better organise your disorganised lifestyles.

Another Mojave’s tentpole, killing of Skitch, Monosnap and a litany of other 3rd party apps in the process is a new screenshot and markup feature that I welcome but lament the damage it will do to the little guys.

Lastly, one of the most talked about features is the migration of iOS apps running natively within the macOS codebase. “Four apps people love”, Apple oh so very incorrectly say in pitching the feature, will now run and sync their usage across your devices.  No one loves News & Stocks or Home for that matter, so perhaps their relying on Voice Memos to carry their point through?

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