Lyft is trialling a new subscription model

Lyft is testing monthly subscription plans for high-frequency users, a sign that the company is shifting toward a Netflix or Spotify model for transportation.

The terms of the subscription models seem to vary, but appear targeted at users who spend up to $450 on ride-hailing a month. One all-access pass offered up to 30 standard Lyft rides for $199 a month, another was priced at $300, and another at $399 for 60 rides.

US$450 is a hell of a lot of cash spent on rides a month but clearly there are enough people spending that much to warrant testing of this new model.

As someone who doesn’t own a car I’d be tempted by a much lower subscription model < A$100/month that offered me a lower rate with my monthly fee as credit, instead of x number of $20 rides.

Not that it matters really, Lyft isn’t coming to Aus anytime soon, but maybe Uber or Taxify will look into this model too?

Source: Lyft is testing a Netflix-style monthly subscription plan – The Verge

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