Look out GoPro here comes the Osmo Action

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This waterproof action camera features dual screens and can capture 4K 60fps, 100Mbps, and HDR video.

Another nail in the GoPro coffin today as Osmo announced their new action camera the aptly named Osmo Action.

Available NOW the Osmo Action is everything you’d expect from a portable “action” device with all the high res, high fps, waterproof, HDR video action you can scream at because there’s voice control too.

The Action’s “RockSteady” image stabilisation is the new camera’s highlight feature with reviewers literally shaking the device around like a human paint-stirring machine and the footage staying quite impressively steady.

Another feather in the Osmo Action’s cap is the inclusion of two screens so you can see what you’re filming in selfie mode as well as a large touchscreen on the rear for watching back footage and interacting with its controls.

At A$499 it’s already undercutting the GoPro Hero Black 7 (A$549) as well as adding some very nice features it lacks to boot. Your move GoPro.

Source: Osmo Action – Action Camera – DJI Store