LIFX Switch is now available in Australia

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New build, reno, or simple upgrade, this 4-button in-wall switch can control your LIFX smart lights, or make your standard “dumb” lights work smart.

Launched as a part of the company’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions Australians can now order the Lifx Switch for delivery in January 2020.

The in-wall switch meets all Australian standards and integrates with either Lifx’s own smart bulbs or existing lighting.

The four buttons can be set to either power on/off lights or launch certain “themes” that are configured through the Lifx app.

The switch, like Lifx bulbs, works via Wi-Fi and doesn’t require a hub to work.

A major downside in the new product is the fact the buttons can’t be programmed to dim existing lights. Dimming functionality is limited to software controls and will not work with existing bulbs you have.

The Lifx switch can be pre-ordered now and is on special, today only at the reduced price of A$149.95.

Source: LIFX Switch – LIFX Australia