Leap Motion teases a new open-source wide FOV AR headset

…a prototype dev kit, designed in-house, offering a combined 100 degree field of view, low latency, and high resolution. Leap Motion plans to open-source the design of the device, which they’re calling Project North Star.

Leap Motion made headlines a few years ago when it released the Leap Motion Controller. The device could (somewhat) accurately track a user’s ten fingers at once and made for an impressive tech demo.

Since then the Motion Controller has been used primarily as an extension for VR users with adaptors made to attach the controller to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Today’s announcement takes the impressive controller and combines it with two fast refreshing 1600 x 1440 LCD screens that cover each eye. The end result, which can be seen below in Leap’s VP Keiichi Matsuda’s Twitter feed, is an impressive Augmented Reality experience that puts existing commercial solutions to shame.

In addition to its impressive display Leap Motion’s new open-sourced prototype is being touted by the company to hit a price-point of US$100, far, far less than anything else.

Source: Leap Motion Reveals Project North Star, an Open-source Wide FOV AR Headset Dev Kit