Labor wants to fine NBN for missing appointments

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The federal opposition wants to create its own NBN service guarantee that would see NBN Co fined every time contractors missed appointments or made installation errors.

Labor’s argument is that right now retail providers of internet and communication services are held accountable by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) whence the NBN reports to no one.

This is true but it’s also a little skewed. Retail providers aren’t fined for missing appointments at the moment. They never have been and more often than not customers grit their teeth and bare it with many not even know the TIO exists.

Referring issues to the TIO is a process that anyone can do and I encourage those hitting road blocks with a telco to do so however it doesn’t result in instant fining either.

While I’m the first in line to pile shit on the Liberal MTM NBN, Labor’s announcement here is a bit of smoke designed to capture disgruntled voters and likely to implemented in a way that isn’t as black and white – if at all.

That’s politics in a nutshell really isn’t it?

Source: Labor wants to fine NBN Co for bad service – Telco/ISP – iTnews