Jonathan Blow’s “The Witness” available now

The Witness is a game brimming with secrets: daunting and multilayered mysteries that sunk into my subconscious, tracing snaking paths across my brain until I was literally seeing mazes every time I closed my eyes.

It hooked me in with its masterful puzzle design and gorgeous visuals, then compelled me forward as I began to carve out my own purpose on the island. It’s a freedom granted by a world as welcomingly open to exploration as it is enjoyably challenging to solve.

The eagerly anticipated followup title from the infamous Jonathan Blow: The Witness is finally available. Reportedly weighing in with over 100 hours of gameplay the Myst-esque title can be forgiven for it’s arguably “high” indie price tag of A$55.95.

The Witness is available today on PS4 & PC (via Steam). An iOS version of the game is reportedly in development but no release date set as yet.

Source: The Witness Review – IGN

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