iTnews creates a full listing of 4300 suburbs and their NBN construction details by hand

nbn fttn construction

Today, we [are] publishing in full an updated three-year construction plan based on publicly-accessible data held in the NBN maps.

The data was collated by hand and covers both premises that were in the existing three-year plan, as well as those that have appeared on NBN Co’s construction schedule since.

The 138-page document covers over 4300 suburbs and towns, and was collected by performing over 25,000 ‘pin drops’ on the NBN online maps.

Why NBN Co insist on making you go through their tedious address search lookup tool over and over instead of just giving you a list like this is beyond me.

For those whom are looking to move and NBN is a key component in their decision this PDF is a life saver.

Source: Exclusive: NBN Co’s three-year construction plan – Telco/ISP – iTnews

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