iPhone “explodes” in Sydney mountain biker’s back pocket

A Sydney man has received third-degree burns after bumping his iPhone in a very minor fall. Gareth Clear, 36, was riding his mountain bike alone through Manly Dam on Sunday afternoon with his phone in his back pocket when his foot missed the pedal as he was beginning to move.

The resulting fall was tiny, and Mr Clear only received a few small grazes.

Moments later, after he got back up, he noticed smoke pouring from his rear and felt a searing sensation on the right side of his buttocks.

Ouch! That said the phone “exploded” after a fall, which although barely injured the rider, clearly had a larger impact on the phone which was apparently bent by the impact. Presumably piercing the battery that set off a reaction causing it to catch on fire.

Is it a case of spontaneous battery combustion? Nope. Will it be sensationalised as if it were? Yup!

Source: Sydney mountain bike rider suffers third degree burns after iPhone explodes in pocket | Daily Mail Online