iPhone 2013: Gold edition?

Gold iPhone 5

(Image source: imore.com)

MG Siegler on Techcrunch reports:

Yes, there will be a gold iPhone.

That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing.

He goes on to describe how this will be less of a completely blinged-out “gold” and more of a subtle shade of “champagne” in colour. Rene Ritchie of iMore has done a great job mocking up how this could look (pictured above).

Be sure to click through for the full comparison at iMore, including a pic of an aftermarket-anodized gold iPhone 5, which may also give some clues as to how this new colour variation could look. A few parts with this colour treatment have also been leaked on French site MacBoutic, which seem to correlate what everyone else has been saying, though I’d take those parts pics with a healthy grain of salt.

I think “champagne”—a colour that several handset manufacturers have used in the past—sounds way more plausible than straight-up “gold”, but ugh. I can’t say I’m a fan.