iOS11 to bring long-absent controls to AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are currently limited to a trio of controls on both earpieces, but their functionality will be greatly enhanced this [spring] with the release of iOS 11, giving users the ability to give each wireless pod a separate, customizable function with a double tap.

Digging deeper into the settings, users will find that there are two new options for AirPod double-tap controls in iOS 11: “Next Track” and “Previous Track.” This joins the existing controls of “Siri,” “Play/Pause,” and “Off.”

One of my biggest gripes with the AirPods was their reliance on Siri to perform the most simple of functions. Thankfully Apple has been adding a lot of functionality into them via firmware and now OS updates, which is continuing to make them a very attractive option for people.

That said, the ability to skip tracks is really something that should’ve been in there day one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Inside iOS 11: AirPods controls expand with separate left/right earpiece taps, skip track ability

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