Internet connected wine bottle startup Kuvée shuts down

Kuvée, a startup making a wine bottle with a colour touchscreen that connects to Wi-Fi, announced in an email to customers on Wednesday that it is shutting down.

The bottle, called Kuvée FreshPour, promised to keep wine fresh for over 30 days. But it only worked with cartridges filled with wine sold by Kuvée, which you could order from the bottle’s touchscreen. A bottle and four cartridges cost $US178, and you could subscribe to regular cartridge shipments from a range of vineyards.

Because it was an utterly stupid idea.

Investors pumped US$6m into this thing. How? Why? Who are you and how do I get you to throw money away at me?

Source: A $178 wine bottle that connects to Wi-Fi raised $6 million from investors, and now the startup is shutting down | Business Insider