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Intel is throwing some serious shade Apple’s way

Bitter much?

Whilst Australians collectively loses their shit about Facebook, Intel has been busy throwing some serious shade burning the bridge long built and enjoyed between themselves and Apple.

In a relationship spanning 15 years Intel has taken the release of Apple’s custom silicon powered Macs to heart. Like a scorned teenager Intel have launched a scathing media ad campaign highlighting the lacking capabilities of Apple’s new M1 Macs.

The campaign tugs on the usual Windows heart-strings that those of you old enough to remember, were very similar to excuses and attacks before the iMac existed and Apple made the switch to Intel CPUs.

One of the campaigns targets gamers stating “If you can launch Rocket League, you’re on a Mac” for example. News alert buddy, there aren’t too many people out there buying Macs for their gaming chops, let me tell you.

The move does remove Bootcamp abilities, which will directly affect some and could further hamper those in the “Hackintosh” community, but both are two areas far from Apple’s focus.

Apple aim to complete their switch to custom silicon across the entire product lineup by 2022. Let’s see if Intel can move on by then.

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