Indiegogo And The One Million Dollar Scamband

James Robinson at PandoDaily:

In a development that will surprise absolutely no one who has been following our coverage, Moscow-based Healbe’s Indiegogo scampaign for a calorie-counting wristband has finally crossed $1m in doomed donations. A few minutes later, an anonymous comment was posted on the GoBe’s comment page congratulating the company on its achievement…

Still, even close observers might be shocked to learn the source of the undisclosed donation which pushed Healbe into seven figures. It came from Indiegogo’s “hardware lead” Kate Drane.

This story about the dodginess of the Healbe GoBe wristband has been brewing for a couple weeks over at PandoDaily.

Basically, the project creators are making a whole bunch of outrageous claims about being able to monitor glucose and caloric intake with a simple wristband. Anyone James Robinson has talked to with passing knowledge in medicine has called BS on the entire premise. Now Indiegogo employees are tipping money into it too?

I’ve never backed an Indiegogo project because they’ve always felt like they are the home of the dodgy, scammy, or ‘fund-my-lifestyle’-type projects that Kickstarter won’t allow. Seeing this play out only reinforces that notion for me.

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