In The Now: Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Image via Punk at Octoberfest

I thought today I’d share this profile piece on Karl Lagerfeld from 2007. It’s one of my absolute favourites, and I don’t think a lot of tech-oriented people know how amazing and strange Karl is. Behold:

“He kind of passes on, because he doesn’t like the past,” one of the people who travels in Lagerfeld’s circle says. “So then he decides you’re the past and then he just puts you in the trash.” Lagerfeld says, “I have an entourage of people of today. Because people can work with me for a hundred years but they have to stay informed. And no regrets, no remove, not saying, ‘Oh, things were better then.’ ” According to his publishing partner, Gerhard Steidl, when Lagerfeld reads a thick paperback, he tears out the pages as he finishes them.

Quite honestly, I could quote any part of that article; the whole thing is amazing. His communication through faxes, his dozens of iPod nanos, the re-creation of his childhood bedroom, complete with oil painting of Voltaire.

Karl Lagerfeld is certifiable, but also a fucking genius.