HTC Vive preorders in Feb, shipping in April

HTC Vive preorders will open February 29th, the company has confirmed.

As we’ve previously heard, the Vive will ship in April, but there’s no exact release date given here, nor is there a price — although the headset is widely expected to cost more than the Oculus Rift, which was recently revealed to cost $599. HTC tells us that the company will reveal the pricing, shipping date, and final consumer design “close to” the preorder date.

Oculus in May, Vive in April. Let the VR wars begin! It’s going to be a very interesting E3 this year. Could it finally be the “Year of (expensive) VR”?

For those of your curious about what I plan on purchasing I’m definitely leaning towards the Vive. I just had a better experience with it in my demoes thus far. With that said I don’t plan on pre-ordering. I’ll be holding off until July/August and making a decision after they’ve all been in the market for a while.

Source: HTC Vive preorders starting February 29th, still shipping in April | The Verge