Government Wants To Start Logging Australian Internet User Activity

Josh Taylor, ZDNet:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said web browsing history for each and every Australian resident would be required to be retained by telecommunications companies under new data retention legislation expected to be entered into parliament later this year.

So far there’s nothing written down – it’s just Brandis & Abbott shitting on about “Team Australia” and terrorism.

You can’t trust any of the verbal diarrhea coming out of these wankers mouths – but – they’ve said that all “metadata” (what metadata exactly, we don’t know) will be retained by all ISPs for all Australian internet connections, for 2 years.

When pushed on what sort of metadata will be collected, Abbott said, quote: “It’s not what you’re doing on the internet, it’s the sites you’re visiting, it’s not the content, it’s the sites that you’ve been” – read that quote again and dissect it. It’s not what you’re doing on the Internet, but just a list of every website you’ve visited in the past 2 years. That *is* what you’re doing on the Internet.

This is the thought process of our government. Meanwhile, all the opposition can come up with is that this will make Internet access a bit more expensive as ISPs pass this cost on to consumers. Who gives a flying fuck about that when our government is turning into the goddamn Stasi?

This will develop of the next few weeks – the shitstorm has only just begun.