Google’s Pixel 4 will have FaceID & motion controls

Get an early look at the technology behind two new features coming to Pixel 4 – Motion Sense and Face Unlock.

Well they’re not calling it “FaceID” are they, but it’s the same damn thing.

The new Pixel 4, which Google can’t just stop talking about, will come equipped with a new sensor array, which enables unlocking and payment authorizations via face recognition.

Similar to Apple the new system will identify a user’s face using a combination of depth, infrared & RGB sensors. Unlike the iPhone though the Pixel 4 will work whilst inverted or at almost “any” angle.

In addition to the new “Face Unlock” system the sensors will also power the Pixel’s “Motion Sense” feature. Google make reference to a radar project called “Soli” they’ve demoed previously but not been able to miniaturise to this degree before.

Similar to Leap Motion, Motion Sense will allow the user to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls via a series of gestures without actually touching the phone.

Google is set to release the Pixel 4 this coming October.

Source: (Don’t) hold the phone: new features coming to Pixel 4