Google’s new Pixel Buds could be AirPod killers

The new Google Pixel Buds provide quality audio, a comfortable fit and sleek design and instant, hands-free help from the Google Assistant.

Google’s original Pixel Buds were kind of shit. Actually that’s a lie, they were really shit. Plagued with problems they sounded average, fell out of your ears and dropped their connection on a regular basis as well as looking kinda weird.

Today’s newly announced versions appear to have gone a very long way to rectifying all of that as well as adding new features and removing wires to become what I think could be some true competition for Apple’s AirPods.

For a start they’re truly wireless. Each bud can operate independently or sync when both are worn, just like AirPods, Powerbeats Pro or most earbuds flooding the market today.

They also fit into your ear, sliding down and inside your ear canal, which some people may or may not like, but ultimately adds a level of passive noise cancellation whilst fitting snuggly. This will be a boon for those wanting to wear the Pixel Buds for exercise as well as those that enjoy a higher quality of sound by sitting in the ear.

Bone conductive microphones and sensors in each ear-bud offer a point of difference for what Google describe as “crystal clear” audio in any situation.

Sweat and water resistant, the new Pixel Buds include touch controls for common tasks such as play, pause, skip etc and tout a 24 hour battery life with their very AirPod like carry case.

They’re not going to available for a while though. Google have decided to show them off well ahead of their expected shipping date in Autumn (Australia) next year.

At US$179 (~A$266) they’re priced to attack the AirPod market head on but really they’re likely to sit more as the Android version with functionality such as Goggle’s Voice Assistant limited when used via Bluetooth to non-Android device.

Source: Meet the new Google Pixel Buds

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