Google tries to get ahead of the leaks – tweets photo of upcoming Pixel 4

As leaked renders of Google’s rumoured upcoming Pixel 4 began to hit the web en masse Google chose to do something unprecedented in the smartphone world by confirming them with a simple tweet.

There’s been wild speculation as to Google’s motivation for the move. Some feel the company is ushering in a new wave of transparency with its consumers, others want to believe the Pixel 4 represents a true flagship that will mark the company’s entry into the Apple & Samsung dominated high-end phone market.

Whatever their intention the move has given Google millions in free advertising as every tech blog postulates their true motive with the release.

With the Pixel 3A announced less than a month ago at Google’s I/O conference you have to wonder how this controlled “leak” by Google will affect its sales. Clearly designed to be aimed at different markets the simple incrementing of its accompanying number psychologically deters consumers.

It does however gives us our first, confirmed look at the phone’s specs. The square camera bump promises the Pixel 4 to be the first to include multiple camera lenses on its rear. A sharp about-face from the company’s continued stance that they don’t need more than one to compete with the likes of Apple.

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