Google to officially launch game streaming service Friday morning

Some news can’t wait for E3. Watch our first ever Stadia Connect June 6, 2019 at 9AM PDT/6PM CET [2AM June 7th AEST] as we reveal more Stadia news, including pricing, games, and launch details.

Tune in and marvel at what Australia’s internet and second-rate NBN won’t be able to support.

This is Google trying to get ahead of Microsoft’s E3 game here. I don’t expect it to be available immediately but it’ll be interesting to see pricing and an actual release date.

Keep in mind Stadia titles require devs to rewrite their games for the platform so it’ll be interesting to see who they’ve coaxed to do so.

Google showing their hand leaves MS a full three days to counterpunch if their offering isn’t already better.

Ding, ding! The fight to be the king of game streaming is on people.