Google Stadia launches in the US

Google Stadia controller and laptop
Image: The Verge

There’s no reason anyone should buy into Stadia right now. […] partly by underdelivering at launch and partly with a pricing scheme that sees you paying three times (for hardware, for the service, for games)…

Launches to lack-lustre reviews.

Yes it actually works (unlike previous attempts)
Yes it’s the future of gaming as a service (probably).
Yes it’s cool that you can play any of the available games on any device.


It doesn’t work over LTE at all.
It has a pricing scheme that makes no sense ($130 to buy in, $10/m + $60 each game).
4K is a pipe dream
Australia wont see this for years (if the service even lasts that long)
You burn 20GB/hr in data transfers playing in normal quality, ISP plans don’t cater for that.

Source: Google Stadia review: the best of cloud gaming is still just a beta – The Verge