Google calls it quits on game development for Stadia

In a blog post, Google has formally announced that the company will be shutting down all internal game development for its streaming platform Stadia to instead focus on the platform moving forward.

The announcement coincides with Google revealing that their star producer, Jade Raymond of Ubisoft & Assassin’s Creed fame would be leaving the company whilst it scrambled to find positions for 150 developers spread between it’s Stadia development studios in Los Angeles and Montreal.

Stadia as a platform has had a mix bag of reviews since its public release. Unavailable in Australia the service certainly has its quirks requiring a subscription to use it and then additional fees to purchase titles to play on it. It also requires studios to develop yet another version of their titles, which unlike Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Nvidia’s soon to arrive GeForce NOW have different and more appealing pricing options.

The real fear now is that like many of Google’s projects Stadia disappears almost as quickly as it arrived.

Source: Google Blog