Google announce their Amazon Echo competitor “Home” at I/O conference

Like Amazon Echo, Google Home is an always-listening piece of hardware that allows users to issue commands using natural language. The hardware will launch later this year, though Google has yet to announce a price.

Demonstrated by Google at its annual I/O conference, Home allows users to control connected devices in their home, get answers from Google, stream music, and more.

In what appears to be a direct rip-off of Amazon’s Echo lineup Home offers little to no advantage bar being a part of the Google family – that I can see.

As my Reckoner compatriot James Croft says – a killer feature would be Sonos integration. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening, not immediately anyway, Chromecast is where their streaming allegiance lies. Naturally so.

Source: I/O 2016: Google’s new Home hardware takes on Apple’s HomeKit and Siri