Games, games & more games… News from EA, Nintendo, Ubisoft & more

There’s just too much going on right now and instead of dragging you all through a bunch of little news posts here’s one bigger news post to cover them all.

Nintendo streamed on of their Nintendo Directs this morning. The biggest announcement to come out of it was that beloved brawler “Super Smash Brothers” would be coming to the platform before year’s end. It was also announced an expansion to the popular Splatoon 2 is coming soon as well as Ubisoft’s “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” would be coming to Switch April 24th.

Less than 24 hours earlier Ubisoft made another announcement releasing a statement that The Division 2 would be unveiled at E3 this year. The shared world shooter set in an outbreak raddled Manhattan made itself a tent pole of the Ubisoft lineup as it’s fastest selling title to date. Whilst perhaps not reaching the successes they’d hope the game, now two years old, continues to foster a large following and I’m excited to see what the new version brings.

EA’s distribution service EA Origin has opened its doors to allow other publishers to make use of the platform. The move pits the service against PC figurehead Steam and as a part of the announcement will see popular titles such as Batman & the LEGO series from Warner Brothers make its way to the platform.

And finally Activision revealed the latest title in the long running Call of Duty series will be none other than Black Ops 4. The reveal made a bigger splash not so much because of what the game is to be about (shooting things – it’s Call of Duty that’s about all of it) but more so the face the game’s logo was four “I”s instead of the roman numeral IV. Congrats to the marketing team, you had more buzz than a Trump tweet.

And there be the vidya-games news… beep boop beep.

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