Foxtel’s Presto Streaming Movie Service Launches Today

Presto is a new way for Australians to watch great movies. For one low monthly fee, we offer both live and instant access to a regularly updated library of great films.

No contracts, twenty bucks a month, and you get what seems to be a pretty decent selection of movies. If you don’t want to sign up for the plan, you can also rent movies from Presto as a one-off purchase for six bucks each.

Right now it works on Windows, Mac or iPad (no Android yet), and you can register a max of 3 devices to one account. The two big drawbacks for me? There’s no AirPlay and no TV shows.

I’d be interested to do a library comparison between this and Quickflix, because Quickflix is only ten bucks a month. Anecdotally though, I’ve heard Quickflix has a smaller library of titles.

So overall, not bad if you want a local movie streaming option, but it is more expensive than Netflix, and comes with less content too.