Foxtel’s engine change not going so well

Hannah Francis at the SMH:

Months after launching its bug-laden $150 iQ3 video recording device, Foxtel is still facing a barrage of complaints about the product despite issuing a second major software update last week.

Now cast your mind back to March, when Luke Hopewell wrote a big piece about the launch of Foxtel’s IQ3:

Foxtel describes re-working the platform that iQ3 runs on as similar to “changing the engines of a plane mid-flight”. It had to carefully execute a modernisation program that would see it completely change not only the way content was delivered, but the way Foxtel worked internally as a business.

I think Foxtel is learning that people build new planes on the ground for a reason.

Source: Foxtel iQ3 backlash continues with claims $150 product is a ‘work in progress’

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