Fortnite is facing legal action over “stolen” dance emotes

The latest person to hop aboard the litigation bandwagon is Backpack Kid, Russell Horning, who went viral after one of his dance videos was shared by Rhianna on Instagram in 2016. He later appeared on SNL with Katy Perry, performing his signature dance ‘The Russell’ which later made its way into Fortnite Season 2 as The Floss emote.

Everyone wants a slice of that Fortnite pie.

Backpack Kid (as he’s idiotically known) joins Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Belair) who’s also suing Epic over its use of the “Carlton” dance.

Scrubs actor Donald Faison, who also has a dance recreated in the game, has made his feelings clear on its use in the game saying “Somebody stole that shit and it’s not mine no more”. In the case of Scrubs Epic did contact show creator Bill Lawrence who said the legality of it was grey but that it was fine as it was just a “character” dancing.

Source: Backpack kid is the latest in a long line of celebrities suing Epic over its Fortnite dances – VG247