Formula 1 announces new “F1 TV” streaming service but comes up short on the finer details

Formula 1 fans will get commercial-free live streams of each race with multi language commentary. In addition, the service will provide exclusive access to all 20 driver on-board cameras throughout every race session.

Formula 1 has had a streaming service that it’s offered via an iOS app for quite a few seasons now, it’s just exorbitantly overpriced and did little more than push BBC/Sky’s broadcast with live track position data.

The new F1 TV looks to be a significant update but its accompanying press release is light on the details.

It states the new service will run between US$8-12 per month with an annual discount. The higher price it would seem qualifies you for the F1 TV “Pro” version which “will have unique feeds not available on any other platform with the capability of multi-level personalisation.”

The service is said to launch “early in the 2018 season”, which kicks off in Melbourne on March 25th however they don’t mention it being working then and even so it will be limited to desktop & web only.

Further, more accessible integrations on Apple TV, iOS, Android, etc are said to be in the works but have no ETA.

Lastly the service is said to launch in “nearly 2 dozen markets” however fails to list them beyond Formula 1’s big hitters like Germany, France, USA, Mexico and Latin America. So don’t get too excited yet, this thing may not even be  available in Australia without a VPN!

All that said, the embedded video they showed of the unfinished product looks pretty cool and will be exactly what any F1 fan wants.

Source: Formula 1 to launch F1 TV, a live Grand Prix subscription service

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