Facebook TV to launch this August

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Facebook Inc.’s version of television is coming online in mid-August after several false starts, according to people familiar with the matter.

The company has been asking its partners to turn in the first episodes of their spotlight shows, the people said. Some already have finished these short-form, inexpensive programs. Facebook is also funding higher-end TV-style shows, which will be launched later on the site…

Facebook aims to make something higher-end than Google’s YouTube, but it’s not competing with video producers such as Netflix, HBO and Showtime.

It sounds more like their own version of YouTube Red. What it is in-fact is another opportunity to shove more advertising down your throats as the loosely named “news feed” is now so saturated with it they’ve run out of space.

I avoid using Facebook at all costs but I’m well aware I’m in a minority there. Could Facebook TV be something that draws me into their ecosystem? Doubtful, but it will be interesting to see what content creators they’ve lulled to the dark side.

Source: First Facebook TV Episodes Are Said to Be Ready for Mid-August – Bloomberg