Evolve announces the Carbon GT Series


If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, you may know I’ve been riding around on an Evolve electric skateboard for the last few weeks. Well, the Gold Coast-based company has just announced a new dual-motor model called the Carbon GT Series:

The Evolve Carbon GT Series is an aesthetically unique electric skateboard focusing on power, performance and versatility.

– 3000 Dual Brushless Sensored Outrunner motors
– Up to 50km/31miles on the Street GT. Up to 30km/18.5miles on the All terrain GT.
– 35-42km/hr Speed (depending on wheel and gear size).
– Hill climbing of up to 25% gradient (insanely steep!).
– Built in electrics.
– 2in1 setups (swap between street and AT wheels in minutes).
– Digital LCD screen remote.

I’m really eager to see what this new board is like. I commute into the city on my current board (a single-motor Carbon with the all-terrain wheels) about 20km a day, and though it’s great, there are a handful of hills that are too steep for me to ride up. More power would solve that for me.

If you’re new to electric skateboards, buyers often choose between Evolve – less speed, but longer range (30km per charge) and all-terrain wheels, or the American-based Boosted Board – lots of power, but more limited range (10-15km per charge), and no AT wheels.

This new model from Evolve seems to be the best of both worlds – tons of power, but rocking a huge range (30-50km), and optionally keeping the AT wheels (which I adore).

No price has been announced yet, but order details will be available on the 25th May.

Source: Facebok – Evolve Skateboards

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