Evernote shutting down their socks factory

Evernote’s doing some more spring cleaning in their portfolio:

Ultimately though, Evernote is a software company. Building and perfecting the Evernote experience is where we’ll be focusing our future efforts. Instead of selling and fulfilling orders ourselves, on February 3rd, we will transition the Market to promote Evernote-integrated products made and sold by our partners at Adonit, Moleskine, and PFU. We plan to continue adding partners and integrations that strongly and elegantly complement Evernote to that list.

RIP Evernote socks.

I wonder if 2016 is the year Evernote bring their software reboot to life. Here’s my wishlist:

  • Reboot the main app with simplified notes and markdown support
  • Make sync seamless, automatic and instantaneous (if possible, kill the sync button altogether)
  • Nuke Work Chat from orbit. No survivors.


Source: A New Focus for Evernote Market – Evernote Blog