Evernote CEO Phil Libin: Building a Better Evernote in 2014

Phil Libin at the Evernote Blog:

I got the wrong sort of birthday present yesterday: a sincerely-written post by Jason Kincaid lamenting a perceived decline in the quality of Evernote software over the past few months. I could quibble with the specifics, but reading Jason’s article was a painful and frustrating experience because, in the big picture, he’s right. We’re going to fix this.

I’m a big user of Evernote in 4 ways; the web-clipper, the desktop apps (both Windows & Mac), Skitch (again, both Windows & Mac) and the iOS app. Here’s my honest opinion on those four:

  • The web-clipper crashes a lot, regardless of platform. If Chrome is hanging, and it’s not Flash, it’s usually the Evernote web-clipper.
  • Both desktop apps are pretty solid in my day-to-day use.
  • Skitch has come a long way, but the Windows version is still awful. Really bad.
  • The iOS app had a big redesign in iOS 7, and for the most part I agreed with the design direction. However, it was crashy at launch (it’s been better lately), and is still far too slow to launch. I wouldn’t trust it to record audio.

Props to Phil Libin for writing that blog post. I really hope Evernote make 2014 a Snow Leopard-style no-new-features year for them.

Also, ditch the socks.